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The Meeting of the Undiscovered Self

By John Turner, England.

There is overwhelming evidence as to the fact that we have an electro-magnetic field surrounding our bodies, known as the aura. In certain conditions it is possible to see parts or the whole of this aura and to witness the most extraordinary display of colours that are of a wonderfully iridescent quality. It is as awesome as the sight of the aurora borealis. Every living body has this kind of energy field around it that sometimes can be partially seen like the glow around a candle. In the human case, it is indicative and representative of the kinds of process, thoughts, feelings or states that we have at any time, cascading and re-appearing every six or seven seconds.

There is much still unknown about the aura, and we tend to assign little importance to it, partly because of the difficulty in empirically measuring its constituents and distinguishing its different parts. When we pause to consider it, our lives and each of our actions are determined by energies of one type or another. The process of thinking involves millions and millions of small electrical signals, as does sensing, feeling, moving, speaking – indeed everything we do and are, including the signal that keeps our heart beating.
Everything in the world is constituted of electrical and magnetic power, of matter and chemical and mineral compound. We breathe in air every few seconds, but every second we are absorbing electrical energy through our breath, our skin and our senses. And as we breathe out air, so we breathe out energy, which radiates out from every part of us into the aura.

Many specialists over recent years have studied and researched the electro-magnetic field of the aura, and the energy systems within the body itself, from both a scientific and practical standpoint. Our research over thirty years has proven to us that the aura is far more than a radiation of energy and we have come to understand its impact upon the quality of our lives, our relationships and our health and well-being. In simple terms, we live our entire lives within an egg-shaped atmosphere, enclosed within a denser electro-magnetic auric sheath. This atmosphere and its qualities is determined and influenced by how we live and by our values, processes and actions. The quality of this environment within our aura is as essential to the quality of our lives as fresh air and clean water is to our bodies.

Electrobics - a programme of self-health and self-knowing

Electrobics is a thorough programme of understanding, exercise and self-discovery about the health of the entire body with particular emphasis upon the non-physical and unseen part of us - our energy systems. It is a programme that combines exercise, movement, posture, diet, meditation and, most importantly, understandings about how to improve the quality of the energies that we run on. The quality of the food we eat is clearly important to our physical health, the quality of the energy we intake is more crucial and calls for more regular awareness.

How does Electrobics work?

Electrobics works at many different levels to promote well-being and enhancement throughout our various systems, principally through movement and exercise. The research behind it has taken into account dance and movement that has appeared throughout the world at different times, as well as the ways of the natural worlds and exploring cause and effects in a most unique way. As an example, all mammals including ourselves perform stretching exercises, and at one level this can be understood to release tension in the muscles that have been inactive. However, there is far more to understand in the relationship between stretching, muscle activity and the role of the bone structure in the manufacture and containment of energy.

Further, the more one explores and researches the aura and electro-magnetic fields around and inside our bodies, the more there is to discover about its inner workings and the pathways, levels of radiation and colours within it. Many of the problems we encounter in life with our health and personal management can be greatly eased by understanding how the aura can become detrimentally affected by, for example, stress, the proximity of machinery, harmful thought processes and so on. To then incorporate techniques for clearing debris or clearing channels in the aura can substantially improve energy levels and how we feel.

The first method that Electrobics uses is to provide exercises and movements which have been proven to help clear and clean the electro-magnetic fields, and which work in a similar way to washing ourselves in a bath or shower. Headaches, fatigue, lethargy and dullness of mind can all be symptoms of an unregulated aura. You would be amazed how much difference a few simple exercises undertaken regularly can make, especially if you know why you are doing them and what systems they are working on.

Further methods involve understanding the relationship between the body and its energies and how each affects the other - as an example, in the workings of the lymphatic system, the nerves and the blood. These systems are entirely related to our health, well-being, daily performance and vitality. In Electrobics a person is shown ways to monitor these systems and how, as an example, to improve the quality of the iron content of the blood, or to clear the lymphatic system or to settle the nerves when they become too agitated - all through an understanding of how the energy systems work.

Further aspects of Electrobics

Electrobics is not simply a set of exercises and practices. It derives from a continuing research into the specific relationship between ourselves and our environment. And by environment we mean not simply our local conditions, but everything that we share this world with, both seen and unseen. This involves understanding ourselves better, discovering how things work and finding out how to live to better effect within the constraints and exigencies of our modern technological age. Exercises and movements can help, but perhaps more important than anything is how we think, why we do what we do and what qualities we bring to bear within this. We all seek the times when we can relax and find a moment or two of peace and some stillness - but learning how to maintain oneself with a constant place of quietness within oneself means that you are never far away from a settlement that can be a fortress and a rally point.

Electrobics is a study and application of practical ways to improve living. It begins with cleaning and re-vitalising and extends into more advanced realms that are to do with the development of harmony between oneself, one’s actions and the reasons why we do what we do.

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