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An Electrobics Home Exercise

There is a certain fascination in watching a craftsman at his or her work, say a potter or a thatcher or a skilled joiner. This fascination seems to be that at that moment one is witnessing a harmony of activity that incorporates the soul, mind and body of the person. The hands are not independent of the mind, which is not independent of the rest of the body - all parts are somehow linked.

It is the same when we watch a skilled dancer or actor. Their bodies are in tune with their minds, so that without having to issue regular instructions, the movements and balances are controlled by the mind as master of ceremonies. This, as with the other craftsmen, comes as a result of hundreds or thousands of hours of work and training and exercise.

A simple and enjoyable exercise one can do at home towards improving the sympathetic harmonies between the mind and body is as follows:

Select one of your favourite pieces of music and begin to dance to it. As you do so, one hand should attempt to conduct the music, whilst the other should attempt to orchestrate your dance by giving indication and instruction to oneself. Some may find this exercise
quite difficult to do, and if you do, it may help to concentrate the hand conducting your dance to focus on the feet.

This exercise is both a way to enjoy your favourite piece of music, get some exercise and will give in time excellent benefit in improving the relationship between the mind and body.

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