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All Aboard the Rainbow Train

By Paul and Melanie Zeir, United States of America

Toot! Toot! Chugga chugga choo choo clickety clack!

Here it comes. Can you hear it? All aboard the Rainbow Train, rolling down the rainbow track! Hop on! Get ready for the musical journey through the seven colours of the rainbow spectrum. Listen, play, dance and sing along with your children as they discover this magical musical suite of songs.

The Rainbow Train is a new CD of original songs emerging from the pioneering and highly successful school of music and dance education for children called Talking Hands Talking Feet based in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Its founders, Paul and Melanie Zeir, are motivated and inspired by the concept of human development theatre and their vision is to create an academy for new template arts and education.

The Rainbow Train offers a multi-layered education through music and song using the natures of the seven colours of the rainbow. The music uses the rainbow sequence as a vehicle of offering wholesome vitamins and values that appeal to the inner life of children. The songs and music promote understandings and interest in the human body, the cycles of life, working together, as well as offering action songs, memory chain songs and a song of thanks. Talking Hands Talking Feet music and dance education is designed to stimulate values and understanding to the developing child.

The Rainbow Train CD was produced in Little Anguilla Studios in New York and brought together musicians and singers who all share a belief in the power of art to enhance and liberate the innate potential of children.

The evidence for this comes shining through every one of these songs. It is being recognised and acclaimed by parents and teachers alike and has recently won an award by the prestigious Parents' Choice Foundation in the USA. A further success has been the use of the Rainbow Train as an English teaching aid in bilingual schools in Israel and America. The songs are written for children between the ages of two and seven, but much of their content will delight people of all ages.

Talking Hands Talking Feet donates CDs to new template education endeavours in America and in Israel with the belief and hope that "Together, we make a brighter light!"

For more information visit their web site:

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