TOPAZ Issue 6 / 2003
Electrobics - The Meeting of the Undiscovered Self
An Electrobics Home Exercise
Detection- Know yourself and the world around you
All Aboard the Rainbow Train
Three pillars that support Education
Around the UK Template Network
A Human Story -Championing the Best
The Vitamins of Colour

TOPAZ Magazine


Topaz Magazine is a joint endeavour of the Template Network in Great Britain, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. It is issued three times a year in Danish, German, English and Dutch.

Editors: Great Britain - John Turner and Sarah Robins, Denmark - Rolf Christoffersen and Yvonne Briand Christensen, Germany - Roland and Anne Böhringer, Netherlands - Sander Funneman and Iet Veenland.

Art-Direction & Design: Ivo Söltner

Production Layout: A. Böhringer (Germany).

With special thanks to Mark Ballabon for his support and contributions.

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