TOPAZ Issue 6 / 2003
Electrobics - The Meeting of the Undiscovered Self
An Electrobics Home Exercise
Detection- Know yourself and the world around you
All Aboard the Rainbow Train
Three pillars that support Education
Around the UK Template Network
A Human Story -Championing the Best
The Vitamins of Colour

TOPAZ Magazine

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Topaz magazine

Since the Topaz magazine began it has drawn an increasing number of subscribers both nationally and internationally interested in reading about the exciting projects around the Template Network. Many have asked to know more about these activities and so from the next Topaz we will begin to feature more in-depth articles about them. We are always very interested in your feedback and any ways in which we can develop Topaz for its readership.

As you will read in this edition, the Template Foundation UK moved into its new headquarters in Barnet, North London in February. In our next publication we will be letting you know about a simple associate membership system by which people can come to regular events that we will be holding at the new centre. This will mean that as well as being able to read about various projects within Topaz, you will also be able to attend workshops and other events involving these projects.

The Topaz continues to try to represent projects throughout Europe and in this edition we have an article about a major colour exhibition in Denmark, a detection network in Holland, teachers in Germany and a unique movement and exercise programme called Electrobics in England. As editors, we enjoy the opportunity we have in coming together and producing the magazine as well as having the time to exchange about the excellent activities happening around the network. And in a time when there is so much international and inter-cultural tensions, we are inspired by the mutuality and common values that we share as people from different lands. As an old Ethiopian proverb states, ‘When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion’.

Thank you for your continued support of Topaz,
The Editors

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