As it becomes more and more evident that we do live in a time of change, and as the old certainties break down, the one place we can find stability is within ourselves.

This was very much in our minds when the editorial team met together recently to review the year just gone and look at the direction that Topaz would take from now on. This has led us to deciding to have more of a focus on this personal aspect in Topaz in 2005.

After much open discussion we have chosen two very relevant and important areas to try to open up and explore in the next two issues. So in this edition we are looking at personal honour, and in the next edition we will be looking at personal freedom.

We do hope you will find these of interest and pertinent and as always we would welcome any feedback you may have.

It is always enjoyable to meet together as an editorial team. The people in the team come from the four countries that Topaz is published in, and it is a great richness of the magazine that its content comes from people in many different countries. This is reflected, as an example, in the main article on honour, where there are contributors from five different nations.

We are all citizens of the one world, and it is a joy to be able to work with other people in harmony, where national natures are not a source of difference and conflict, but a real enhancement to the process.

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