Developing out of the work of the Template Network have come many innovative and forward looking projects and events, which we have reported on in Topaz. These have included art and design, from classroom to garden; education for all ages; colour, its use and significance; research into well-being and its practical applications; work with the elderly; women’s projects and research, and many more, from sustainability to theatre festivals and operatic concerts.

However in 2005 the editors wanted to include some other aspects of the template work, which looks more at the inner life and its development, unique to each person. We tried to choose areas that we felt were important and relevant to our lives today. So the last issue of Topaz was an exploration into ‘honour’, and this issue concentrates on the subject of freedom, what this could be, and where it begins.

We also continue to report on events and projects and interesting researches. We will continue this balance between the inner life and its outward expression in future issues of the magazine. We do hope you find these articles of interest, and pertinent, and as always we welcome any feedback you may have.

Thank you for your continued support of Topaz magazine.

The Editors

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