This year, in Topaz magazine, we have been exploring personal issues, looking at Freedom, Honour, and in this edition, Identity. We live in changing times where a new future is trying to appear, but what form will that future take? What might it look like if we, as a human race, were able to listen differently and to respond differently to what is happening on this planet.

That listening and that response can only come from inside us, from an inner place that is not stressed by the demands that work and aspirations and conformity place upon us. Our identity and how we view ourselves is often formed by these demands, and in this issue we touch upon some of these issues as the different articles explore personal identity through many vectors, and whether identity can be formed in other ways.

We hope you enjoy this edition, and we are always interested in any feedback or comments you may have about any of the articles. Thank you for your continuing support of this magazine, and as 2005 draws to a close, we wish you a rich and fulfi lling New Year.

The Editors

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